Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scrum master committing to master

One of my colleague commented this and somehow this sentence walked with me home. It definitely made me ponder more on this topic. Some of my random thoughts

People, I meet most of the time, who are process advocate have little connection with software but they know how to come up with a process for development team. It makes me wonder how can you come up with a process for something you have never experienced. No offense to any of gurus, it is truly my view. 

To me a process is dependent upon:
1) your organization, 
2) team, 
3) technology, 
4) project and 
5) never the less upon culture. 

With so many variables how can one process definition be sufficient. My confusion does not end here. Lets look at the other side of coin. We have hundreds of processes available. Each process has flavors and your can mix and match process too. i.e Scrumban, Scrumlite, proto-kanban etc etc.. 
Question is how I select which process would be best to start with?
1) I usually like to start with understanding my variables. Once I have understanding about my variables I move next.
2) I go on to understand which values are most important for my organization and team. 
3) My hunt further continues in process area, which process would help me in delivering those values in less friction way. 

Now to do any of the above you really need to know and understand developer's heartbeat. Things which can go wrong during development process. Knowing developers instincts. So being a process advocate who can code would not only give you above advantages but would also let you come close to the team, will make your more reliable and will make you a good leader which your team might look forward too.

More importantly, which I feel missing in any process is. how to keep your team motivated and happy. 

A happy team can do miracles. Any process will fail if you don't have right people in your team. So what is more important process or team. In my perspective it's team. If your team is nice and you have people with right mindset they can make any process work. Other way round seems very very difficult to me....