Sunday, April 3, 2016

Custom Control Charts for deep diving into few fun analysis

I wanted to learn, what 1, 2 or 4 Story Points (SP) means in our system. What better tool than Control Chart to gain knowledge about cycle time around Story Points?

Here are the steps for creating custom control charts:

1) Select your board whose data needs to be analyzed. Click on Board button on the top right corner. Select configuration button underneath.

2) Select the Quick Filters option from the left hand Configuration menu.
3)  Add the filters for which you would like to analyze the data. I want to compare the behavior of different Story Points in our system. Hence added custom filters for each available story points.

4) Select your project from the Projects menu and click on Reports from the left hand side menu.

5) Choose the "Control Charts"
6) Choose the custom criterias for your report: i.e.  Quick Filter (which you added above),  the time period (for which you need to capture the data) and the status. Feel free to tweak anything which makes sense for you. It's all depends upon what are you willing to comprehend from the data.

7) Observe the change in mean and stand deviation. Also chart has multiple data points for one to analyze.

I love control chart. It gives me insight into, how my team is performing. I love comparing theie performance during specific process change or during some experiment I am trying to run. This is very powerful tool and gives lots of insight into the system.

Enjoy deep diving