Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Install applications without admin permission on windows machine

Off late I am living under processes and restriction world. Got confused correct? I am consulting at a place where I don't have any permission on my own laptop. I am not complaining about installing stuff but coping under certain directory and changing the environment varibales are restricted too.
Being a developer I live in code and wants full access to environment where I am living.  I found out that if you don't have Admin access to your machine you can still do things like administrator.
Create a "Temp" directory under c:\ drive. create a wintv directory under it and copy the cmd.exe underneath it. Boom now you can do anything on your machine. Copy any exe here and you can run them, install them. To change the environment variable just open the command prompt from c:\Temp\wintv directory and open Windows\System32\sysdm.cpl file. BOOM BOOM!!
You are unstoppable again :) Manisha

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