Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Think outside Scrum or Kanban

Today was that day again when I ended up moderating Kanban vs. Scrum process meeting. Honestly was deep into one code refactoring and meeting reminder popup awakened me. Had to quickly gather up myself and started thinking. Why teams always choose one process over other and never ask or understand "what process has to offer them".

Having experience with multiple teams and process. I kind of hate and love Scrum and Kanban. People just like to blame the process vs. putting effort into understanding them. Scrum does not seems to working, lets try kanban.

I wanted them to think out of the box and they keep coming back to Kanban. It's like, I heard it, I saw it and I know I want it. What would be world without waterfall, RUP, Scrum, Safe or Kanban or Lean Startup models.

I was being asked this question long long back and it stuck in my head like a tumor. I myself don't have best answer and always start to think what is a process first before thinking how it can benefit us?

As per wikipedia, it is a series of events to produce a result. In our IT world we can say process helps us to produce software. But how one process does it where as we have each company solving different problems with different set of behaviors in one organization. It's getting late but will think for my new process. Manum may be which will solve next generation problem. May be good starting point would be think of problems which we want our process to solve and pick and choose goodness from all around.

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