Tuesday, May 12, 2015

PrOpER coaching cycle

I leant a technique from Agile Coaching book, which I find very useful in my day to day life and thought of sharing.

Lets look into each term closely:

Problem: Pick a problem to work on. Watch how the team works. What needs to be improved? 

Options: Consider your options. What could you try that might influence the situation for the better? List at least three options. You can choose to brainstorm with team by persuading them via thinking questions. i.e. How often do you think about this issue? or Can you spot any gap in your thinking etc. 

Experiment: Pick one option to try and run that experiment for 2 weeks or more, depending upon your situation. Making change an experiment helps focus the team on the benefit because you’ll need to discuss how to evaluate whether the experiment is a success. If they can measure an improvement, this gives the team a reason to continue. So, start the team off making some small changes, such as redesigning the work- space or introducing a regular team lunch, to get them ready for bigger changes.

Review: Review the outcome after experiment is over. Did you improve things? Even if things haven’t improved, have you learned something? 

I use above technique almost on every problem, which is thrown at me. I also like to start with WHY question at time. Use "why" questions technique carefully, sometimes it is better to ask, "What you have in your mind" or "Are you satisfies with the results" question vs. starting with why. We will end up with less offended  team member.  More coaching cycles for you: 



I like PrOpER because of it's Experimental nature. 


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