Thursday, February 25, 2016

agile or anti-agile

I am big believer of agile but having terrible time wrapping my head around wide-open noisy spaces. I am not denying the effectiveness of face-2-face communication but the need to make entire organization sit together on an open floor, does not jive very well with me. I have noticed people working with headphones on. Isn't it defeat the entire purpose? 

"The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face to face conversation." - Agile manifesto
I am not sure, how this line gets translated into: "Please make multiple teams sit together in an open space". I like playful environment but can't focus in too much noise. A simple disciple can solve this problem but everybody has to be on same page. 

Also in 20th century face-to-face communication can happen over Skype/Hangout/Facetime or any other channel. It isn't necessarily mean being physically present. We are in the era of distributed teams. My team is spread across three different time zones. We use hangout all the time to communicate and as a team don't feel need to be sitting next to one another.

Since the needs are changing, our adaptation should change too.  One last point, development is an art and like any other craft, engineers need their quite moments to think. During organizational transformation, we should make sure feature/product team is sitting together, but they also have places to go and think. 

Engineers should get flexibility to work from home as well. Just because we are following agile developer ONLY loses the privilege of working from home. They have to be in office all the time. Isn't this unfair?

There are few other issues as well, but may be, I should stop my ranting for today. Let me know, if you agree or disagree with my above points.


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