Thursday, March 24, 2016

"The requested board cannot be viewed" - Jira problem

I started getting below error message, when I modified the boards filtering criteria. 

"The requested board cannot be viewed because it either does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."

The existing criteria was owned by previous coach, hence after modification, Jira was only showing me "Save As" button to same my filtering criteria. I promptly saved and verified few stories and checked all my swim-lanes. Everything was looking perfect, until one of my team member complained, that board is not accessible to him anymore. 

I knew, my changes were the culprit. I quickly reverted back my change and started investigating. After few minutes, I realized that the filter criteria, which I saved is only visible to me.  Since it was only visible to me, I could use the board but nobody else had access to it. 

I changed the permission to make it available for all my team members and BOOM!!! The problem vanished.  

Hope it helps

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