Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to be a Technical Leader

This is one question which is bothering me from a while. Honestly there are bunch of questions and this is the root of all.

1) What is leadership? Bossing over people?
2) How can I be leader and be technical at the same time?
3) Can I be a leader without becoming like those other people?

To me leadership should create an environment in which people feel empowered. An environment where one is free to talk, free to act and ask anything. Since each person is unique, can one style be application to entire team. Should leader choose different style of leadership for different teams? The biggest question to me is WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? Now a days I hear servant leadership term but what if your team is not capable to solve problems on their own. Will this style of leadership work in the mentioned scenario? I would assume no. I did not have very sweet experience.

To me a leader should be a good motivator. A leader should understand the problem and manage flow of ideas and manage quality too. Above all team should have FAITH in the leader and his leadership. There are lots of other factors which might come in play as a leader. May in next blog :)


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