Tuesday, July 24, 2012

JMeter is not good tool for finding Request per second

I played around with performance tools a lot in my last project and this was one blog which I never got to finish. My goal was to come with a tool which is best for benchmarking an application on Tomcat. While working with JMeters all the numbers compare to AB tool were low, I suspected Tomcat and started reading the tomcat performance tuning book and found below lines.

(Page 136 - Chapter 4 - Tomcat Performance Tuning ) - JMeter's HTTP client is slower than that of AB or siege. You can use JMeter to  find out if a change to your webapp, your tomcat installation or your JVM, accelerated or slows the response times of the webpage however you cannot use JMeter to determine the server's maximum number of requests per second that it can successfully serve because of JMeter's HTTP client appears to be slower than Tomcat's server code.


I thought it was really valuable find :)

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