Saturday, October 21, 2017

Building your roadmap to agility

I was talking to an ex-colleague of mine, who asked me, "Do you have any good material on agile transformation, more about phases and steps to move up maturity scale?". I had a face palm moment.

In my point of view, we can discuss ways towards team adapting agile or organization transforming but we can't have a mechanical point of view. We need to change our mindset since all these things depends upon the very system we are in and it's need. I am not being philosophical but being very practical. I definitely can share some practices which has worked in past for other clients but can't guarantee if those would work in your scenario as well.

In my mind, being agile means we have ability to delivery things in production in small batches over coming any obstacles. This requires great development skills. Organization who are ready for agile transformation needs lots more Jenkin's knowledge vs. Jira knowledge. We need to know, how to do development right before picking up agile transformation.

With this base, now let's me share things which has worked in past for me.  Below picture describes one of few approaches at very high level.

I will explain each step and it's execution style in it's own separate blog series.

Basic foundation to start the transformation is to request Organizational Leadership and Management's to change it's mindset. And ask them what are they looking to gain from agile adaption. Ask specific KPIs towards transformation so we know we are making progress. 

More to come soon on it.


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