Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Interconnection between elements of Feedback

This is the third blog in the "How to delivery effective feedback" series.  You can read the first and second blogs here

In this blog we will look into the elements of a feedback system. 

As stated in above slide, a feedback has 4 elements. 1) Receptor, 2) Stimulus, 3) Effector and 4) Response. If you will notice, Receptor and Effectors are organs, which means, they are physical things. Whereas Stimulus and Response are the actions, which those physical things perform.

Let's understand them in the context of a "Speed-Sign" example.

You see a speed sign and one of two things might happen. If you are going fast then you will try to reduce your speed or if you are going slow then you may speed up. So in this example Eye is a receptor and Foot is an effector. And imagine you are going at the speed of 38 miles per hour, which is your stimulus then your response would be slow-down. If you are going at the speed of 22 miles per hours then your response would be to speed-up. 

We will try to look at the Models for Giving Feedback in next blog. 


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